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Ceiling Lights (First Floor Areas)

Ceiling Lights

Cree CR-22-20L-35K-S; Recessed LED 22 Watt Light


147 available

Ceiling Perimiter Down Lights (Lower Musalla)

Ceiling Perimiter Down Lights

Gotham Evo-35/10 6AR 120; Recessed LED 28 Watt Down Light


53 out of 57 available

Flood Light (Dome)

Flood Light

B-K Lighting CA-35-SAP-9-11-A-360SL; Prayer Hall LED 35 Watt Flood Light


50 out of 56 available

Pendant Light (Women's Prayer Mezzanine)

Pendant Light (Women’s Prayer Mezzanine)

Amerlux Hornet-HP-P-A14; Pendant LED 14 Watt Down Light


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Down Light

Phillips S5R830K7; Prayer Hall LED 10 Watts Downlight


282 available